How to Hire a Custom E-Commerce Web Designer

Custom e-commerce web design is a very involved subject. E-commerce means that you will be conducting business on the internet, which carries a lot of responsibility on your website’s shoulders.


At the most basic level, your custom e-commerce website must have the following:

  • Professional web design to ensure your brand’s image is upheld
  • Easy and intuitive checkout process
  • It must accept payments by credit card
  • It must display your products and services in a way that conveys value
  • It must be fast and search engine optimized
  • It must send you, the website admin a confirmation of a new order
  • It must send the buyer an order confirmation or thank you note
  • It must contain all of the contact details necessary for potential buyers to contact you
  • It must contain a custom user experience that gently persuades the value and sale
  • It must have most of these features automated for you, especially #1-9.


It’s really difficult to trust random strangers – it’s some sort of inheritance most of us have. It becomes even more difficult when your brand’s reputation, and perhaps all of it sales are on the line. You need the best representation of your business at the best price. More than that, you need to hire a custom e-commerce web designer that truly understands what you’re asking for and knows how to deliver it.

Unfortunately, a lot of web design companies are fly by night companies. Recently, while running a competitor analysis (a la SWOT) I ran into a business who was advertising their services on the local chamber of commerce. So, naturally, I had to check them out! When I clicked the web development company’s link on the chamber of commerce’s website – I found this!

How to Hire an E-Commerce Web Design Company

Can you imagine if that’s the first impression people have of your business? Not to mention, these are e-commerce website developers! If you go down the road of hiring the cheapest e-commerce web designer you can find, who could not afford to maintain their web design service because it only attracted people who threw pennies at them, their true colors will eventually show, and it’s your business that’s going to be affected. Kapeesh?

When searching for an e-commerce web designer, it’s more than just an upfront cost. It’s an investment on the future of your business. E-commerce business websites are never a one-time project, as many web designers would want you to believe. It requires frequent attention, updating, monitoring, and improving. Otherwise, you may end up looking like those web developers exuding high levels of professionalism on their security-warning-for-a-homepage.


Hiring a professional e-commerce business website designer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Check out Eternal Experts for example, they have a professional web design studio built for creating custom e-commerce websites. They will integrate Auto-Pilot Payments at no additional charge with your website build, and offer some of the lowest rates on processing credit cards in the industry.

If your business requires a professional e-commerce web designer, the ten must-haves above, and the ability to accept payments, you’re in luck. In order to get a professional e-commerce web design with integrated online payments, you only need to tap two things:

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Eternal Experts will contact you to build your custom professional e-commerce website and make sure that you’re set up to accept online payments. We will design your custom e-commerce website, payment integration included. You never thought it could be this easy, but now it is.