How to Choose a Responsive Web Design Company

Responsive web design is critical to ensuring your website is accessible by smart phone users, tablet writers, your boss’s desk, your customers, and even your kid’s ultra-cool gaming PC. But first off, what is a responsive website?

Responsive Web Design Defined

When choosing a responsive website design company, make sure they are aware of the following:

  1. A responsive website design should transition in size on all devices, whether mobile, tablet, or PC.

  2. Your responsive web pages should look beautiful on all devices, whether Windows, Apple, or Android (in no specific order of preference).

  3. A responsive web design’s text and images should expand and contract fluidly whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode.

  4. The menu options should be accessible and readable at the correct font size. While it is very easy for a desktop user to resize the text of a responsive website, a mobile user might not even have the option.

  5. The user experience may need to be tailored differently depending on each device. For example, a widget on the right of an article may work nicely for a laptop browser, but on a mobile device the screen would be overcrowded and illegible if the user had the same viewing experience.

Choosing the right responsive web design company is ultimately one of the most important decisions you can make. Your website could very well be one of the first introductions your business makes to countless potential customers.

Hiring the Best Responsive Web Design Company

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