How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Your e-commerce website has many products on display. Your super services are ready for deployment. But you’re missing one final piece of the luminous puzzle. Payment acceptance. Continue Reading to learn how to accept online credit card payments.

We’re going to make the wild assumption that you fall into one of two categories.

Category 1) You are planning to build a website and you need to accept credit cards on your website.

Category 2) You have a website and you need to integrate online payments on your site.

We always implement our Auto-Pilot Payments solution for you at no additional charge with every professional website design.

We are including a tutorial for you regardless of which category you fall into. For those who don’t like reading (interesting, you are on a knowledge base) and for those who don’t know how to code,  and for those who simply know it’s a huge opportunity cost to learn everything then build, implement, and test, remember, we always implement our Auto-Pilot Payments solution for you at no additional charge with every professional website design.

I Need to Build a Website and I Need to Accept Credit Cards Online

In that case, you are so lucky to be here. In order to build a website that accepts online payments, you only need to tap two things:

  • Tap here to add a Professional Website to your cart.
  • Tap here to add Auto-Pilot Payments to your cart and checkout.

Eternal Experts will contact you to build your website and make sure that you’re set up to accept online payments. We will develop and deliver your professional website with payment integration, shopping cart, and checkout installed and ready to use. You never thought it could be this easy, but now it is.

I Have a Website and I Need to Accept Online Payments

To accept credit card payments online, whether they be through Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, you need to have a merchant account with a payment processor. Your payment processor will assign you with a merchant ID, offer you a payment terminal so that you can also accept payments in person, and some code snippets in a few different computer languages such as HTML, Python, curl, JavaScript. Then, the usual case is that they expect you to implement their payment solution on your website. Be sure to:

  • Ask your processor for their API
  • Ask them for a link to their API implementation guidelines
  • Request your API key to implement on any payment gateway
  • Test your payments in sandbox mode before going live

Choose the Correct Code

Choosing the correct code should be pretty easy. Simply contact your website development team and request to know which language(s) they used to create your website. Then, send them the API guidelines and any codes which were provided to you by your payment processor. Your web developers will be able to implement the code and setup your payment gateway and create any custom applications that you need to facilitate the type of transactions that you need. In summary, you need a professional web designer who will implement your merchant account into your preferred payment gateway. Of course, Eternal Experts does all of this for you with every professional website build, included at no additional charge.

Choose the Best Payment Processor for Your Merchant Account

Please be aware, that the majority of payment processors are not involved in any way with custom application creation and payment gateway implementations, so you may be out of luck depending on the payment processor you choose. The core service provided by payment processors is processing payments in a secure manner on your behalf and mitigating risk. They are not web designers, they are not application builders, and unless you’re forking over the major dough, they’re not here to support your website in all of its glory. We found that out a long time ago, with a payment processor we shall not name.

“Fortunately,” we had already spent weeks in negotiation with them to find out they couldn’t help us in any area except processing payments. It was as if the clouds had opened in the sky, because that one huge blow to our website development plans led to our development of Auto-Pilot Payments!

Eternal Experts will integrate Auto-Pilot Payments on any pre-built website for you.

  • Tap here to add Auto-Pilot Payments to your cart and checkout.

Eternal Experts will reach out to you to setup your merchant account and request access to your website’s backend. From there, we will integrate Auto-Pilot Payments for you! If you prefer to do it yourself, we can always send you some code. (;